Toyota Rav4

Toyota Rav4

For Sale in Cebu City, Philippines
Condition: Used Car, Second Hand, Very Good Condition

Year Model: 2002
Engine: 2.0 Liter Gas
Transmission: Automatic (A/T)
Features: 4×4
Mileage: 65,000 km
Price: SOLD


  1. josh /

    i like this car….

  2. Hi, what is the last price? Can this car be shipped to Manila? How much would that cost? Also, is this a local unit?

    • We sent you an Email. And yes, it can be shipped to Manila and it’s a local unit. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Is this still available? Do you offer finance?

  4. Im interested in a toyota rav4 or honda CRV.. preferrably slightly used.. if you have any offers, please do email me. thank you.

    elle 🙂

  5. jirah/m /

    is this rav 4 still available? do you offer finance too? im on the market for suv so please reply soon. im wondering if i could negotiate the price also if i buy cash? im really interested to buy as soon as possible. thank you

    • Eddie Ouano /

      Yes, Rav 4 is still available. We offer finance too. The price posted here is the least one. Please let somebody, your relative maybe, check the unit here. You may contact me in these numbers: 032-3548696, 09177018989. Thanks

  6. Albert /

    pilai last price ani kung cash, ug kung financing pila?

  7. Please quote the lowest dp for 36 months financing…any special discount for OFW?


  8. how much kung cash price ang payment? send me the details pls, and if naa kay crv pls pud ko send sa details

  9. Tagpila bay kung financing? Year Model: 2002 RAV 4 or CRV used car..thanks..

  10. i really like this 1,hopefully still available when we get there in two much is the last price for cash??we are looking for 2 vehicles good condition and model not later than 2002..also if u have CR-V available let me know..thanks

  11. Sergey /

    I want buy rav 4 for 400000pesso

  12. marie /

    looking to buy rav 4 cebu area this month.. pls contact the price..thanks

  13. Dou accept installment basis or bank financing if that so how much ang downpayment ani? me im interested

  14. hi i’m interested on this suv, how many seats? how much is the last price? with financing i understand that 30% and what’s the interest rate for 4 years?

  15. carissa murphy /

    I like this rav4. If ever makauli ko pwede ba ko pa finance ani? Unsaon pag qualify? And my hometown is in ormoc city pwede ba ipaship didto? And if pwede, pila ang cost? I would appreciate kung maka respond mo before december. Thank you.

  16. is this car still available?

  17. summer /

    Im interested in a toyota rav4 or honda CRV.. preferrably slightly used.. if you have any offers, please do email

    thank you.

  18. Liza walker /

    Hi this is Liza, we’ve talk already before, inquire LNG ko f available pain IMO rav4, then how much?? F not,, maybe u hav Honda Crv automatic now ,,,

  19. HI, unsa avaiable ninyo na RAV4?

  20. Interested ko sa RAV4 or honda pud. how much?

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