’93 Toyota Corolla (Diesel, A/T)

’93 Toyota Corolla (Diesel, A/T)

For Sale in Cebu City, Philippines
Condition: Used Car, Second Hand

Brand: Toyota (AE110-5194251)
Model: Corolla (Photos shown are similar to the actual unit, this unit on the photo has been sold)
Year: 1993
Engine: 4 cylinder
Fuel: Diesel
Price: Php180,000


  1. Roman Abellong /


    Inquire ko lang, kung ano ang terms of payment nyo? for all your cars,is it 3yrs 4 or 5 years ?

    How much is the downpayment also?

    Im canvassing lng.


  2. Roman Abellong /

    Unsa na update ani sir?

    • Dear Roman,

      Down payment is 30%, for cars 3 years or newer, pwede 4-5 years, depends on the bank. For cars older than 3 years, usually maximum is 3 years term.

      0917 546 5464

  3. Hi there, is this unit still available?
    Thank you… 🙂

  4. Ariel B. Ceniza /

    If our downpayment will be 50T, how much will be the monthly for one or two years?

  5. Archie /


    May I ask what are the requirements for US based buyers?
    My parents will be the once paying for me.


  6. Ara Ignacio /

    please give the payment plan for this car…..for 3-4 yrs term….im very interested, im in sales job…i urgently need an affordable cars..

  7. marie /

    available? can we avial this via financing? please let us know.

  8. Hi Sir,

    Is this still available?

  9. hi,

    is this car still available?

  10. Jonas /


    Is this car still available? Naay discount if cash full payment?



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