Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento

For Sale in Cebu City, Philippines
Condition: Used Car, Second Hand, Local Unit

Year Model: 2005
Engine: 3.5 Liter V6
Transmission: Automatic (A/T)
Features: All Power, CD/MP3 Player
Price: SOLD

This Used Kia Sorento is For Sale only at 590,000. It’s an all around SUV for city driving and is reliable in terms of build quality. Test drive it now at Jaski Auto Gallery. This second hand slightly used Kia Sorento is currently on display in our showroom in Cebu City. If you don’t have the time, remember Jaski delivers to any port in the Philippines.


  1. Roland /

    Is this Gas or Diesel..

  2. William Lee /

    Hi, how many kilometers does this Kia have? Has it been in an accident ? How many previous owners did it have? What is your Cash Price for this? What is the general condition of this? A/C ? Suspension? And of course the engine? Does it have a track record of it’s maintenance? Pardon me for the many questions but I am a serious buyer for cash.

  3. Harry Brown /

    how much is the downpayment for this?

  4. J Garcia /

    is this unit still available?

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