Mercedes-Benz S550L AMG

Year Model: 2007 Engine: 5.5 Liter V8 Transmission: Automatic Modifications: AMG package, AMG Wheels & Skirts Features: Long Wheel Base Mileage: 30,000km Price: 6,200,000...

Mercedes-Benz CLK320

Year Model: 2000 Engine: 3.2-liter V6 Transmission: Automatic Modifications: AMG Wheels & skirts Features: Sunroof, Black leather interior Price: 880,000...

Mercedes Benz ML320

Mercedes Benz ML320

Jun 17, 2009

UNIT SOLD – The Mercedes Benz ML320 gives you the performance of a sports car, and all the benefits of an SUV. Best of all, it can be yours for only 1.3 Million Pesos.

Mercedes-Benz G320 Brabus

Year Model: 1999 Engine: 3.2 Liter V8 Gas Paint Job: Black on Black, Mileage: 41,000km Modifications: Brabus skirts, 22” Wheels Transmission: Automatic Price:...

Mercedes Benz SLK350 AMG

Mercedes Benz  SLK350 AMG

Feb 16, 2009

UNIT SOLD – Classy, White, and Powerful. Three words to describe this second hand Mercedes Benz SLK350 AMG. Automatic Tiptronic Transmission, All Power Hard Top Convertible, and just plain pleasing to the eye. This car was made for elegance, class and bragging rights.

Mercedes Benz SLK320 – Silver

Mercedes Benz SLK320 – Silver

Feb 3, 2009

UNIT SOLD – Rain or shine, this slightly used Mercedes Benz SLK320 ensures comfort, class, speed and power. Hardtop convertible, Automatic Tiptronic Transmission, and Power seats are only a few of the features this powerful 3.2 Liter Benz has to offer.

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