2010 Bimmer Cebu Fest

2010 Bimmer Cebu Fest

May 22, 2010 and May 23, 2010 were memorable days for BMW fanatics and aficionados in Cebu City. On this glorious weekend, proud owners and retailers of BMW vehicles came out and showcased their best. This was the 2010 BimmerCebuFest.

All types of BMWs we’re showcased on these days. Ranging from sports cars, to SUVs, the BimmerCebuFest had it all. There were even three BMW motorcycles at the event. It was breathtaking.

In addition to all the cars that were being showcased, there was music, food, and even beautiful girls. Everyone was practically family. It two glorious days of music, love, and cars. You’d think it was a Cebuano Woodstock.

Jaski Auto Gallery established a presence by showcasing five of their most prestigious vehicles at the event.

These were the following:

Check out the pictures below for our coverage of the entire event. Our only wish was the weekend would never end.

UPDATE: The official website of the Bimmer Cebu Club can be found here.


  1. Ting Yap /

    Nice shots… Nice compositions…

  2. eddie /

    Tim, where are my pictures? I was there? Ah ok, maybe not your tye. he he he

    • I didn’t include them. I didn’t think you wanted to star here. Next time, I’ll put them in. Heheh.


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